April 28, 2018

Why You Need a REALTOR® For Your New Home Build

Are you considering a new built home in one of those communities that are popping up throughout the Midlands? Have you been visiting model homes and talking to the “Agent On Duty?”


Here’s something you should consider BEFORE actually buying that home and signing with that agent….


The “Agent On Duty” works FOR the builder/developer and represents the builder’s/developer’s best interests!


They DO NOT represent YOU!

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Yes, you read that correctly. The “Agent On Duty” DOES NOT represent you, the buyer, and your best interests!


You really love that new home! Its your dream home! So, what should you do?


Drum roll, please……………


Bring your own agent with you! Better yet, bring a REALTOR®!


When you and I show up as Client and REALTOR®, you show up with someone that will be representing you and helping you throughout the home buying process – Contract to Closing!


And the great part about this is you don’t pay your REALTOR'S® commission. No, the builder/developer does.


In most instances there is a commission in place that is generally split 50/50 between the Listing Agent (builder’s/developer’s agent) and the buyer’s agent/REALTOR®. This commission is paid by the builder/developer when the home closes (the sale is final).


Again, you don’t pay for your REALTOR'S® commission.


“But, wait,” you may be thinking, “Can I save on the price of my home if the builder/developer isn’t paying my Agent?”


Great question but the answer is, “No.” The builder/developer still pays that commission. Rather than paying an Agent/REALTOR® that represents you; the builder/developer will pay to the Listing Agent the part of the commission that would have come to your representative.


It is a common misconception that builders/developers will cut the price of the homes when a buyer comes in without representation. But it simply doesn’t work that way!


Bring one of us with you! We will represent you and your interests.


Buying a home, resale or new, or even having a new build on your own property is very exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! This is where we step in to help. Having one of us as your REALTOR® will put someone on YOUR side of the isle. Someone who works to get you the most bang for your buck!


This is what we do! This is what we love!



 Sherry Burton, REALTOR®

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April 26, 2018

closing day

It's Key Time! You have made it through the home buying process, and today is closing day!


Anyone involved in a real estate transaction can become a criminal’s target for WIRE FRAUD, crimes, or assault.

Always be suspicious of all emailed wiring instructions. Always check the wire’s authenticity and routing numbers.Immediately communicate any suspicion of an email WIRE FRAUD scheme to banks and law enforcement (FBI).



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April 17, 2018

Repair Addendum

You have a contract on a house. You have had a home inspection and some items are in need of repair. What do you do?

Find out that answer and more in today's Coffee to Keys.


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April 5, 2018

Home Inspection

Once you have the home you want to purchase under contract, then you will have a due diligence period that you can have home inspections. Today's Coffee to Keys talks about the Inspection Process.


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April 2, 2018

Home Buying

Why do you need a REALTOR®? Searching for a home is a process, and walking through the contract, repairs, and negotiations is a process. Find out more about the process of buying a home in todays Coffee to Keys.


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March 28, 2018

Find a Home

There are several ways to find a home. But what's the best way to find your home without wasting a lot of time?

How do you know if you are paying a fair market value for a home or if the Seller is priced to high?

Find these answers and more in our Coffee to Keys today.


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March 21, 2018

the Loan Process

Applying for a loan can be a long process. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a qualified, dedicated lender. The right lender can make the process relatively stress free, but having the wrong lender can leave you frustrated beyond words. How do you know who is "the right" lender for you? Interview them! While interest rates are important, so is the lenders experience and how well and how often the lender is committed to communicating with you through the process.

Today Sherry talks with one of our preferred lenders, Clay Henry, about the loan process.


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March 21, 2018


One of the first steps in the home buying process is talking to a lender and getting pre-qualified. Having a pre-qualification letter from a lender is needed when your REALTOR® presents your offer to a Seller.

Today Lynn talks  with Clay Henry at Guild Mortgage. He explains the process of becoming pre-qualified.

What does "Affordable" mean to you?

Click here to get your FREE Home Buying Tool Kit



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March 19, 2018

Choosing a REALTOR®

Things to Consider When Choosing an Agent:

• Is the agent a part time or full time agent?

• How long have they been an agent? Are they a REALTOR®?

• Do they have public reviews on Zillow available or any other resources of reference?

• In what ways will they market your house and how often?

• Will they provide a market analysis and marketing strategy?

• Will they provide you with professional photography of your listing?

• Did they provide you with an Agency Disclosure Brochure and explain it in detail to you?

• Will the agent schedule the listing appointments based on times that are convenient for you, or does the agent require you to take the calls from potential buyers and schedule your own appointments?

• Will they help you in understanding and negotiating through a repair addendum?

• Can they defend your sales price to an appraiser and have they explained to you how the different loan types can effect the appraisal?

• Will they be with you through the entire selling process including attending the closing?

• Will the listing agent be your only point of contact through the selling process or do they work for a company in which they list your house, their office assistant answers future questions, and the closing coordinator handles the closing details? (instead of one agent, will you have numerous "team members" you will need to work with)

• How easily will they be available and what hours? Can you text, call, and email them?

• Do they work on weekends and will they be willing to show your home to a potential buyer who wants to see your house on a weekend

*** REMEMBER:  The agent works for YOU. They should be available, knowledgeable, even tempered, discerning, and looking out for your best interest. 


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March 16, 2018

Coffee to Keys

Wish You knew more about the

Buying and Selling process?


We cover topics in Coffee-to-Keys to keep you informed. Over the years we have heard one too many people tell us horror stories of real estate experiences they had because "they weren't" informed." That should NEVER happen. It is an agents fiduciary duty to keep you informed. As REALTORS®, the Mullinax & Dunn team makes it a priority to keep you educated and informed through the process. You are more than a $ to us and your best interest is paramount to our team.


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