April 28, 2018

Why You Need a REALTOR® For Your New Home Build

Are you considering a new built home in one of those communities that are popping up throughout the Midlands? Have you been visiting model homes and talking to the “Agent On Duty?”


Here’s something you should consider BEFORE actually buying that home and signing with that agent….


The “Agent On Duty” works FOR the builder/developer and represents the builder’s/developer’s best interests!


They DO NOT represent YOU!

Beautiful Landscape


Yes, you read that correctly. The “Agent On Duty” DOES NOT represent you, the buyer, and your best interests!


You really love that new home! Its your dream home! So, what should you do?


Drum roll, please……………


Bring your own agent with you! Better yet, bring a REALTOR®!


When you and I show up as Client and REALTOR®, you show up with someone that will be representing you and helping you throughout the home buying process – Contract to Closing!


And the great part about this is you don’t pay your REALTOR'S® commission. No, the builder/developer does.


In most instances there is a commission in place that is generally split 50/50 between the Listing Agent (builder’s/developer’s agent) and the buyer’s agent/REALTOR®. This commission is paid by the builder/developer when the home closes (the sale is final).


Again, you don’t pay for your REALTOR'S® commission.


“But, wait,” you may be thinking, “Can I save on the price of my home if the builder/developer isn’t paying my Agent?”


Great question but the answer is, “No.” The builder/developer still pays that commission. Rather than paying an Agent/REALTOR® that represents you; the builder/developer will pay to the Listing Agent the part of the commission that would have come to your representative.


It is a common misconception that builders/developers will cut the price of the homes when a buyer comes in without representation. But it simply doesn’t work that way!


Bring one of us with you! We will represent you and your interests.


Buying a home, resale or new, or even having a new build on your own property is very exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! This is where we step in to help. Having one of us as your REALTOR® will put someone on YOUR side of the isle. Someone who works to get you the most bang for your buck!


This is what we do! This is what we love!



 Sherry Burton, REALTOR®

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March 6, 2018

Chapin - the Jewel of Lake Murray

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Chapin is a beautiful, quaint little town that offers a perfect location to Lake Murray and is convenient to I-26. If you are searching for small town atmosphere with many smiling, and friendly faces, Chapin is the place for you!


Chapin Schools are some of the finest in the area. As part of the Lexington 5 District, the Chapin school ratings are almost perfect.

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Get your java on at the Wired Goat. This bistro won the hearts of residents and passer-by's quickly.They offer a wide variety of coffee's, tea's, and baked goods. Definitely a place worth visiting. After one visit, you'll surely be hooked.

Need a place to wind down after a long day, visit the Toad! Located in the heart of Chapin, the Tipsy Toad Tavern has a wide variety of domestic, foreign, and craft beers as well as a full menu of homemade items. Good food and good folks are found here.

Adjacent to the Lighthouse Marina is the Rusty Anchor restaurantThe Rusty Anchor is a great place to enjoy live entertainment and spend time with family and friends over a delicious meal.


Crooked Creek Park has a lot to offer such as a full gymnasium, racquetball courts, fitness areas, indoor walking track and meeting rooms, athletic fields, tennis courts, picnic facilities, walking trails, playgrounds and a 27-hole disc golf course.

For nature and outdoor lovers, Dreher Island State Park offers trails, camping sites, picnic shelters, fishing areas, boating, swimming, and vacation rentals.

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Chapin is conveniently located just minutes from I-26 and is a quick commute to Newberry, Irmo, and Columbia.

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June 9, 2017

Lake Murray - Purple Martins

Lake Murray, South Carolina

lake murray map


Lake Murray’s Bomb IslandDoolittle

There are several small islands scattered throughout Lake Murray’s vast 47,500 acre reservoir, but perhaps the most well known is a 12 acre island known as Doolittle’s Island. In the early 1940’s, during the time of World War II, General Jimmy Doolittle organized his Doolittle Raiders for their famous Tokyo air raid. Some of the B-25 training bombing runs were made on this island. Thus giving it the name Doolittle’s Island or Bomb Island.

Today a different type of fly over can be spotted at this island….


From B-25’s to Birds

Doolittle’s Island has now become one of the largest roosting sites in America for Purple Martins. From June through early September, thousands of martins make this island their home, taking a brief rest from their migratory flight to South America for the winter. In the early mornings as the martins leave in search for food, their flocks are so large that they show up on Doppler radar as rings. No one is certain as to why the birds choose this island, but what is certain is that they are quite a spectacle that hundreds flock to see each summer. As the sun sets the martins return to roost, while spectators watch the airshow in delight.VIvidMe-



Take a cruise to the purple martin sanctuary. reserve your spot here.



Searching for a home on Lake Murray?

Lake Murray has approximately 649 miles of shoreline, stretching  from Newberry county down through Richland, Lexington and over to Saluda county. When you are ready to find your Lake Murray dream home, Mullinax and Dunn can help!

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April 29, 2017

Sell My House!

Is Trying to Sell Your House Growing Old?

You want to sell you house, but you want to save and make as much money as possible. It only stands to reason that to make and save money you should sell your house yourself, so you put a sign in your lawn For Sale By Owner. (FSBO) A few weeks pass and you have had a couple of calls and one person even made an appointment to come see your house. It was an inconvenient time, but this person may be your buyer, so you rush home from work, tidy up a bit, skip dinner and wait, and wait, and wait.....3 hours later the person never showed, they will not return your calls and texts and it's too late to think about cooking dinner. Exhausted and frustrated you give yourself a pep talk that tomorrow is a new day.

Weeks pass and you have had little interest in your beautiful house. A friend recommends you post it on facebook groups and other social media sites. You try this and it results in a few serious buyers. You accept an offer and with excitement look forward to moving soon. The buyer has a home inspection and sends you a list of items  to repair.  Several hundred dollars later, due to picking a poor contractor and a myriad of other unexpected's, you start packing telling yourself it will all be over soon. Only to find out 6 days before closing that this buyer cannot obtain a loan!

The 2 main reasons people choose to list as  FSBO

  1. I will save money listing the house myself
  2. I have had bad experiences with real estate agents

Food For Thought:

Time is Money. How much is your time worth? MUCH time will be spent in the process of selling your home. Do you have a job you will be juggling while trying to sell your house? Will you always be available to show your house? Do you know who you are allowing in your home? How are you screening the person?

Did you know that there are mandatory disclosures and regulations involved in selling your house? The paperwork in the real estate industry has increased significantly due to continually changing laws and regulations. Do you feel comfortable navigating through all the paperwork? Do you know the guidelines and areas of negotiation with home inspections? Do you understand the difference in a buyer being "pre-approved" vs. being "pre-qualified?" Do you know how to defend the sales price of your house if the appraiser values your house less than the agreed contract amount?

Do you think you need to "update" your house before selling? Do you know which updates will bring you profit and which ones will cause you to lose money? Do you know how much you should update? Do you know the regulations about hiring contractors vs. making repairs yourself?

It is estimated that 90% of people search for homes on the internet. Do you know how to effectively market your home?

Can You Handle the STRESS that Will Come with selling your house with no representation?


Things to Consider When Choosing an Agent - click Here


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June 25, 2016

With Gratitude

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." G.K. Chesterton

Grateful people always tend to be happy people and happy people always have an magnetic effect.

During my life journey, I have had the opportunity and privilege to be friends with some really dynamic, magnetic souls. And as I was remembering many of them I made the connection that most of them were what might be considered "elderly people." I was blessed with a mom that was and is a very compassionate, giving soul and one who sees value in every person. She has always had a heart for those who can't do for themselves, whether it be from age, disability, or the general hardships of life. She raised me to always respect and care for my elders, not out of "duty" but out of honor, and I am so thankful she did. In a sense I have been involved with "homebound ministry" from a very young age. Some of the most precious jewels in my life are the lessons and times spent with the elderly. And when I think of them I remember words that were often said... "I have so much to be thankful for,"  " I have had such a good life," "I love and appreciate you."  It didn't mean these dear ones had a life of ease, it just meant that these people had great big hearts that counted their blessings more than they focused on their hardships. That attitude and character trait of gratefulness made them some of the happiest people I have ever known, and happy people have a magnetic effect. These were the people who helped shape me; my mom who taught me always to smile, be compassionate and thankful, and countless elders who taught me gratitude was the key to happy living.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault

Thank you for the lessons

In our last post we announced that we had made the move to starting our own company, Mullinax and Dunn. I mentioned a few steps along the way and referenced a few people without mentioning their names. Though there is a network of people too numerous to count that have contributed to helping us get this far, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to a few in particular. It was the countless little things and the many big lessons they taught that helped shaped me and are foundational to starting our company.

It started with being an agent assistant to Carl McClure. I met Carl at a particularly difficult season in my life, he showed me much kindness and provided me opportunities that would eventually lead me down the road of endless possibilities. Carl had been a teacher and coach in the area for over 30 years before entering the real estate world. I called him "Coach," because though his professions had changed, his heart for coaching and teaching continued on. "Real estate was not on my radar," but Carl's kindness, enthusiasm, and persuasiveness led me into the place I now am. Thank you"Coach" for all the lessons, for the countless little things, and for believing in me.

When I began working with Carl, I worked under the Exit Midlands brokerage, and Brandon Liles was my broker in charge. Over the years I have met quite a few brokers, but Brandon taught me the most. Brandon is by far one of the most astute businessmen I have ever met. I connected really well with his fast paced, disciplined work ethic. He taught me the value of short, clear, to-the-point dialogues (though I am still working on that area ;-).  If you want more than a "to-the-point conversation," his wife Meg is his balancing counterpart, and I really appreciated having Meg there!  Brandon was quick to share lessons he had learned and resources to help new agents get started. He is a thinker and a problem solver, both of which are vital traits to possess as an agent. I learned not only by what Brandon shared but also by observing the way he operated, and I learned more lessons than I know how to recount. Thank you Brandon for your example and the countless lessons you taught.

And last but certainly not least, I cannot thank John Summers enough.....there really are no words to capture all that he and Jeannie mean to me. John is the owner of ACTION real estate and has been my employer for two years. Through the years John became more of a brother to me. Though I never had a brother, if I did I can't image having one any better than John. John is very intuitive and diplomatic, he's considerate and trustworthy, he's an encourager and practical thinker. And he makes me laugh, and laughter is a beautiful thing.  John's life revolves around his family and around treating others with honesty and respect. He puts others before himself continually and is upstanding in all business matters. John has my highest respect...he earned it.

John and Jeannie moved back to Indiana about a year ago to be near to their family. Family comes first.  John was very encouraging and supportive about me staying with ACTION when he left and further encouraged me in becoming a broker. He has also been very supportive and encouraging to us in our dream to start our own company. John has given me continuous opportunities, coupled with coaching and encouragement. No one knows what the future holds, but what I am certain of is that John and Jeannie will always hold a special place in my heart because they have become family, and family sticks together. John you'll always be "my brother from another mother!"   and "thank you" will never be adequate for all that you are and the bajillion "little things" that you have done, for they have become the "big things."   Here's to the future, more laughs, and more adventures!

To all my friends, family and clients

I can't keep this post "to-the-point" and adequately thank ALL of you. I trust you know how much I appreciate you all. I have been blessed with many encouraging friends and family, and I couldn't have gotten here without all the faithful clients, many of which also became friends. Thank You!

If any of you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Fishers to Lafayette Indiana areas, PLEASE, tell them to call  John or Jeannie. They are simply the BEST!

AND....If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Columbia or Greenville, SC areas....We know some great agents! ;-) Give Us a Call!

June 23, 2016

Making the Move

Born to Move...

We all make moves in the journey called "life." It's starts from the beginning, moving from crawling to walking, from primary school to high school, from childhood to adulthood, from one career change to another, and on it goes.

Never Say " I will NEVER do that," for more than likely 'that' you will end up doing.

Four years ago real estate was not on my radar, but I was entering back into the workforce after being a full time mommy until my children became adults. I took a job as an office assistant with a seasoned, excited, driven agent. Though I was quite happy as an assistant and said I'd never become an agent, he was quite persuasive and the next thing I knew I was in real estate school. As an agent I said I would never become a broker, I was quite happy working for someone as an agent; but three years into being an agent and through a series of events I found myself in brokers school. I then said I would never become a broker in charge, I was quite happy having the education and sense of accomplishment of being a broker; but four months after becoming a broker I found myself becoming a broker in charge. And then I said, "I will never start my own company, I am extremely happy working for another company as a broker in charge."  And now I think you can guess where I am going with this.....

Four Months later...

Mike and I are happy to announce the start of our real estate company........Mullinax & Dunn

Mullinax & Dunn is wrapped in loved, honor, and respect for our families and the sacrifices and love we have received from them.  And when we say family, we mean the whole "clan," comprised of the moms, dads, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles. All who "have your back" and would be there for you in a skinny minute in time of need. Mullinax is Mike's mom's maiden name and Dunn is Jen's mom's maiden name. Both of these family names are steeped in faith, strength, courage, integrity, and love. These characteristics are where we derived the oak tree logo, as it is the mighty oak that is known to have deep roots and the ability to stand tall through all adversity. And the celtic symbolism comes through both families genealogies which is rooted in Ireland. The trinitarian symbol is also referred to as the trinity knot and is one of Irelands earliest christian symbols representing the mind, body, and spirit, as well as peace, faith, and love.  So with much anticipation and great excitement we are pleased to introduce to you Mullinax & Dunn, a real estate company founded on principals, integrity, faith, and love. And with those values at the forefront we will help you put down roots in your new home!

Be sure and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!